全国6号酵母サミット はなれ in 瀧波 3月20日(金・祝)開催決定! / No.6 Kobo(yeast) summit ‘Hanare’ in Takinami to be held on 20th March, 2020


山形座 瀧波 presents
全国6号酵母サミット はなれ

2020年3月20日(金)  春分の日に開催が決定いたしました。

Yamagata the Takinami presents,

We are happy to announce that No.6 Kobo (yeast) summit ‘Hanare’ are holding on 20th March 2020.

Princes in the sake world will do sake tasting! And drastic discussion.

【参加蔵】                                                      【Participating Brewery】
新政 佐藤祐輔氏                                          Aramasa   Mr.Yusuke Sato
仁井田本家 仁井田穏彦氏                         Niida Honke Mr. Yasuhiko Niida
鈴木酒造店 鈴木大介氏       Suzuki Syuzoten  Mr. Daisuke Suzuki
水戸部酒造 水戸部朝信氏      Mitobe Syuzo  Mr. Tomonobu Mitobe
秀鳳酒造場 武田秀和氏                             Shuho Syuzo   Mr. Hidekazu Takeda 
喜久盛酒造 藤村卓也氏                             Kikuzakari Syuzo  Mr. Takuya Fujimura 
La Jomon 熊谷太郎氏                              La Jomon  Mr. Taro Kumagai

お食事スタート:カウンターのお客様 18時30分、個室のお客様 19時15分

宿泊/1泊2食付き(日本酒込み) ¥34,000(税別)~※お部屋のタイプにより異なります


20th March, 2020 (Friday, National holiday)

Dinner starts: counter seats at 1830, Private rooms at 1915


Stay overnight/ bed, dinner and breakfast with sake 34000 yen + taxes *the prices will change depends on the room.

Day use/ dinner only with sake 17000 yen + taxes *you can take a onsen bath anytime on the day


山形座 瀧波~赤湯駅の送迎いたします。
・赤湯駅発 瀧波行/14時30分、15時30分
・瀧波発 赤湯駅行/10時、10時50分

We are running a bus between YAMAGATA the TAKINAMI and Akayu station (free of charge)

Depart Akayu station to Takinami: 1430/1530

Depart Takinami to Akayu station: 1000/1050

*please book in advance

蔵元の方々と共に 盃を交わしながら語らう 特別なひと時をお楽しみいただきます。

ご予約・お問合わせは、山形座 瀧波にお電話ください。
山形座 瀧波 0238-43-6111

With brewers drink and talk about sake, enjoy a very special night.

Also please enjoy a dinner course matching with sake and No.6 Yeast from Takinami!

 Please come and join us.

Reservation and details, please call YAMAGATA the TAKINAMI.

TEL 0238-43-6111


【 What’s No.6 yeast? 】

Sake leaven in the existence oldest ‘No.6 yeast’

It was found by “Aramasa sake brewing” in Akita-ken (ARAMASA SYUZO) in 1930, and it was used at a wine cellar in every region of the country as the remarkable leaven which becomes turning point of the sake brewing which had a lot of failure.

That number 6 which wasn’t used any more gradually is leaven “Deeply, the gentle fragrance has the taste for sake using this leaven.”, attention is attracted once more from the person concerned of sake brewing.