2020年GWも開催予定!山形座 瀧波で楽しむ「生まれたての十割源泉とアロマYoga」 / Event scheduled again on Golden week 2020 – Aroma YOGA with ‘Onsen water flowing directly from the hot spring source’


日常を忘れてリラックス・リフレッシュ 旅先で Yoga 満喫 3 つのコースを無料体験

<今年のGWも開催!山形座 瀧波×アロマyoga体験>

あわただしい日常から離れて、山形座 瀧波で心と体の癒し体験はいかがでしょうか?

Forget daily life and relax and refresh with us at TAKINAMI with YOGA.

a course of 3 of Yoga. Enjoy and experience a relaxation refreshment at travel destination.

Get away from busy daily life, experience a healing of a heart and mind at YAMAGATA the TAKINAMI.

Let’s make your holiday refreshing and detox with Yoga.

<山形座 瀧波 特別企画>

『Yoga 満喫 3つのコース』を開催いたします。



 <YAMAGATA the TAKINAMI special event>

We will hold ‘3 different type and times of YOGA. 

After the hot spring bathing with us, followed by the Yoga will relax your body and recharge the energy for tiredness and stiffness.

※ The participation is free.

※ You can choose Yoga course you participate freely.

 ・ We have some items for beginners.

・breathe deeply and relax! Relax more with aroma diffuser scent.




午後【ヘルシーYoga】 16:45 – 17:30 (45分) ※16:30迄にご予約受け付けます。

★ オーガニック食材を使用した身体にも心にも優しい夕食を、更に美味しくいただくためのyoga

 Afternoon Yoga 【healthy YOGA】1645-1730 (45mins) *reservations accepted by 16:30.

★ dinner with organic ingredients are gentle for your body and mind. Yoga will help to taste even better!!  By the posing Yoga will relax your stomach and intestines work and improve a flow of lymph, also detoxing. Stretch your body and relax!

夜【快眠Yoga】 21:15 – 21:45 (30分) ※21時迄にご予約受け付けます。

★ 心地よいアロマの香りにつつまれながらココロとカラダをゆるめる呼吸法&リラクゼーションyoga

Night time 【beautiful sleep YOGA】2115-2145 (30mins) *reservation accepted by 2100.

★ The breathing deeply will reduces a heart and muscles with fragrance of the pleasant aroma and Relaxation.

Mainly the posing on your back, will lead you deep sleeping after Yoga. Reset your body!

朝【朝Yoga】 7:00 – 7:50 (50分) ※前日22時迄にご予約受け付けます。

~飲む美容液 “黒澤ファームさんの甘酒“付き~

★ yogaのラジオ体操といわれる“太陽礼拝“でエネルギーチャージ

Morning 【morning YOGA】700-750 (50mins) *reservataion accepted by 2200 day before.

~beauty essence for body, Sweet drink made from fermented rice from Kurosawa farm~

 ★energy charge with posing called The sun worship is great start of the day. 

Metabolism will go up and activation and the bloodstream good for minds and bodies, and an enzyme will spread in the whole body!  start in an active holiday.








Feel comfortable for beginners and never tried YOGA before to join the classes.

We do lesson slowly according to the situation of the person who participates on your request.

We check your conditions before a lesson. Please gather at the lobby in 10 minutes before of start. We have bottle of water and Yoga Mat ready to use.

*Maximum 10 person in one class

*Please be at the lobby in 10minutes before starting time.


KOKO YOGA スタジオ主宰 フリーヨガインストラクター
石堂 祐子 Ishido Yuko

Introducing free style Yoga instructor,KOKO YOGA studio supervision YUKO ISDHIDO 

ハタヨガ「ハ(ha)=太陽 タ(tha)=月」をベースに少人数のレッスンを 仙台を中心に10 年以上指導しています。



Based on HATHA YOGA (sun and moon) teaching over 10 years in private lessons with small number of people mainly around Sendai, Japan.

Bones adjustments YOGA lesson for a mother just gave birth and babies at Sendai Living culture center. Also she teaches relax, active, distortion prevention YOGA and beautiful bottom YOGA etc at sports clubs in Sendai.

Stay close to a heart who wants healthy, I’m providing good pace for everyone takes the lesson which can put on a smile their face.


農家の方々が丹精込めて作った自然の恵みいっぱいのお食事を受け取り、身体にたまった疲れやストレスをミネラルたっぷりの温泉と yoga で手放して、元気な自分を取り戻して頂けたらと思います。

【take in with breathe in and release with breathe out】

Take in high nutrition meals from farmers made with utmost care and get rid of daily fatigue and stress from the body with hot spring and yoga, and get back your own self.

【YOGA の意味は”結ぶ・繋ぐ”】

YOGA を通して、お客様と繋がるご縁に感謝いたします。


【YOGA means connected and ties】

Home away from Home at TAKINAMI, make a time to look into yourself.

I’ll be thankful for the relationship which connects with guests.

Please come and join.