New Year’s Eve, New Year’s visit to the shrine

Ringing bells of the night at Toshoji Temple and pray for one year of happiness at the guardian god of Akayu Onsen, Eboshi Hachimangu shrine.
A exceptional experience on a special night.

Digging radish under the snow

A radish grown enduring the cold under deep snow. Dig, pull with your own hands and have a bite. Will be impressed by that sweetness.


Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival

Snow lanterns light up by candle light at night when the snow scene spreads.
The fantastic world fills of warmth that able to forget the coldness.

The frost-covered trees in Zao

An art work created by ice and snow. The power of majestic nature is received from the sight that appears only in winter in the Zao mountain range during winter.


Miso making

Miso made with organically grown soybeans, algae salt from Shonai and malted rice. Miso finished in a way bringing out the individuality of the material produces miso soup that warms up the heart.


Thousand of Cherry blossoms at Eboshiyama.

About 1,000 cherry bloom every year at Eboshiyama area. The scenery of whole mountain being dyed in pink is as beautiful as painting.

Submerged forest on Lake Shirakawa

Spring begins to thaw. On Lake Shirakawa, a scene where fresh green trees Float on the surface on the lake spreads. It is a illusory world that can only be seen for a month.


Yonezawa Uesugi Festival

A traditional event that tells Yonezawa the arrival of spring. On the final day, the Battle of Kawanakajima reproduced. Total of 700 people in both Uesugi and Takeda’s armies clashes and the power of the matchlock guns attract many spectators.

Rice planting

Delicious rice comes from making soil and strong seedlings. A farming method that does not allow any compromise and the rich nature of Okitama imparts the deliciousness said to be the best in Japan

Mt. Yudonosan

After the closure of mountain during winter of heavy snowfall, welcomes mountain lover in spring. The ‘Mountain opening Festival’ is held every year on 1st of June.



It is like a scarlet jewel. The texture of biting the flesh firmly and sweetness and sourness gives a smiles on taster.

Playing in the mountain

Mountain trips on Mt. Jyuubuichiyama, such as mountain walk with a view of rich nature and a paraglider flying to the ground, show new scenery that you have not yet seen.



The Okitama region is a treasure trove of nature. In the clear stream of the Otaki River which is close to Takinami, able to observe the group dance of Genji fireflies emitting a light on a summer evening.


Tasting Akayu wine and fine coffee while watching the superb view from the top of the mountain. Takinami-style glamping proposes a variety of ways to enjoy the nature of Yamagata.


Your own wine

Making wine with grapes showered plenty of sunshine. Pick and squeeze with own hands. ‘My own wine’ is surely a premium taste.

Firework festival

The special experience of looking up at the fireworks at a reserved seat set up in front of the launch site. Enjoy the force that shakes body and the dazzling light of colors over the night sky.

Amphibious bus

In the summer at Nagai Dam, the amphibious bus able to enjoy the lake sightseeing comes on the scene. Admire the greenery of trees that grow around the lake while staying in the car.


Restive lion ( Eboshiyama Shrine annual festival)

Held on the second Saturday and Sunday of September every year. On the second day, a rampage lion runs around the city, and the offensive defensive movement at the slope leading to Eboshiyama Hachimangu Shrine shows the powerful masterpiece.

Matsutake mushroom

Around ‘the grape and matsutake line’ which runs in Akayu and Takahata area is Japan’s leading matsutake pine mushroom production area.
For feeling the richness of its scent, we are serving the grilled matsutake mushroom in Takinami.


Rice harvesting

In autumn, the season to mow if the ear of rice is deeply lowered. It is a time of happiness to harvest the rice that has stored the bounty of the earth in each grain.

Great Ginkgo tree at Kumano Taisha shrine

Age about 1,000 years Great Ginkgo tree. In the fall, they sway golden leaves, as if admiring visitors kindly.


Sea of clouds

November, late autumn. Able to see the sea of clouds at the rate of once every three days from Mt. Jyuubuichiyama. Being impressed with the beautiful contrast that the blue sky and the waves of the clouds would be kept in mind.

Autumn leaves of Mt. Eboshiyama

The month of November. Climbing up to the hill point where are dyed in red. In the morning when colorful trees are covered in deep mist, seeing a scene as if you were in a illusion.


Snow cavern

A ‘natural refrigerator’ created by the wisdom of a snowy country. The stored vegetables and fruits have enough sugar to give an impression on the people.

Ramen in kamakura, Japanese Igloo

Akayu spicy miso ramen to be served in Kamakura with a candle light. A hot bowl with experience uniquely in snowy country.

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