Mountain vegetable

The breath of the earth picks by head chef himself.

After the winter endured the cold, when various plants and tree sprout.
Chef Oomae goes into mountain and fields to look for the spring of Yamagata.
And he sublimates them to premium one plate by using mountain vegetables picked by himself.
Sweet, spicy, bitter, sour, salty….
Mountain vegetable is the feast enable to feel through taste of season.

Dining 1/365

Welcome to the place of encountering season.

Here is a place to meet the savors of Yamagata.
The Ingredients of Okitama valley or traditional cuisine of Yamagata served are not the taste of season.
It is the very optimized taste of this moment only.
Blushing cheeks by assorted excellent sake is also in bliss.The moment to know the charmed savoy delivered from mountain, sea and fields, will feel the five senses being sharpened.

Orgainic rice

Shining white rice. That is the steady feast.

Takinami offers four types of organic rice including Tsuyahime, premium rice brand of Yamagata.
Rice fills with sweetness and tastiness by sun-drying. The taste left in stem to fill the grain after reaping and full mature rice grain get bigger.
No word can express delicious rice.
Only… bite that savor.

Yonezawa beef

Yonezawa beef teaches what impressive food is

Dry wind which blows over the famous peak and the temperature difference between day and night.
Being grown in such Okitama area, fine-grained and moist Yonezawa beef meat quality are made.
Feeling the lusciousness each time it touches lips, every time it fills mouth.
Its delight to discover the delicate flavor which touches deep inside.


The thought of craftsman and the taste of sake to Intoxicate till bottom of heart.

Why not tasting sake which leaves afterglow to heart.
For instance, origin regressional sake using Japanese oldest yeast on purpose in new era.Sake looked beyond next 100 years by pioneer of organic sake makers’.
And clear sake with outstanding crispness using hard mineral water flowing from Yamadera.Each of them are as if conveying the feelings of the makers’ in the taste.It surely touch tipplers’ heart.

Local wines

A variety of tastes rooted in this land.

There are seven wineries such as the oldest Sakai winery in Tohoku region founded in 1887, including Takahata winery lead by oenologist Mr. Hisayuki Kawabe.
For wine created by hands from its soil in the land of Okitama, the blessings brought by grapes are fulfilled.

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