Large rock bath of Zao stone.

Soak in fresh hot spring in the bathtub of Zao stone.

The hollowed out Zao stone rock bath fills by freshly born hot spring from its source.
Fresh graceful hot spring to all rooms.
Without having the touch of the air once.
And of course, never added water.
The fragrance, warmth, texture.
Because we would like you to feel the whole of the personality that the hot spring brings.

Japanese cypress bath

Dedicating body into the bath tub of graceful texture

The Japanese cypress bath tub filled with freshly-born hot-spring.
Touching the grain, its soft and smooth.
Being fully immersed by the charm of hot-spring weaving the history of Takinami by taking a deep breath of the aroma of Japanese cypress floats in the scent of sulfur.

Guard of hot spring

The comfortable hot spring is the gift from guard of hot spring.

There are three hot spring guards who protect the water flowing directly from the hot spring source in Takinami.
Manages the temperature of hot spring flowing directly from its source, keeps continuously the happiness of people dipping themselves in hot spring and its quality.
‘No withdrawing, no adding’With that attitude, earnestly,honestly, even today.

Drinking hot spring water

Immerse and drink, the body rejoices.

The joy of hot spring is not only to immerse.
Taking a sip of the hot spring said to be effective to stress, diabetes, gout.
Understanding the attraction of exquisite Takinami’s hot spring by experiencing with whole body.

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