Yakuimon gate

Solid timber of moth tells you, ‘Welcome to Takinami’

Yakuimon gate which has 400 years old history is the symbol of Takinami.
Welcoming visitors with its’ glorious appearance.
The door of a gate which has huge profound metal fittings is the solid timber of moth.
And the tasteful thatched roof.
Going though that gate, now, unsuspected encounter to Takinami starts.
Unforgettable moments begins.


The appearance of traditional house, firm and steady.

Main wing of Takinami is relocated district official’s L shaped flat house who used to serve as mountain guardian of Uesugi clan in 350 years ago.
Combining thick beams and columns without using a single nail, and has a strong structure that able to withstand heavy snow.
It is very rare nowadays to find such a solid column and beam.
The wooden architecture that has stared generation periodically is living in the present.

Nordic furniture.

The elegant time to spend with Nordic furniture.

Nordic furniture such as Arne Jacobsen’s swan chair and Hans J. Wegner’s representative work, Y chair gives colors to 350 years old historical L-shaped flat house.
Modern furniture called masterpiece harmonizes with Japanese tradition.
That scenery is more than enough to raise the heart of visitors.
And immerse yourself in the feeling of happiness just by sitting down.

Tendo Mokko

Surrounded by Yamagata-born masterpiece furniture.

Furniture arranged in 6 ‘YAMAGATA’ rooms are from Tendo Mokko.
Simple but beautiful form.
And the sophisticated design shines well in the white wall space.
By touching, sitting down, laying down.
Experience Yamagata culture through Yamagata’s proud furniture.

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