19 rooms resounding the sensitiveness and five senses.

Three types of rooms,‘KURA’, relocated store house renovated to a modern space, ‘SAKURA’
where could see the scenery that weaved by nature such as cherry blossoms flowering, ‘YAMAGATA’
reflecting the taste of Yamagata in the masterpiece furniture and works born in Yamagata.
Open-air baths with fresh hot-spring are available in all rooms.

* All rooms are twin-bedded rooms. An extra bed is also available for some rooms.

* Please contact us for the stay of children below 10 years old.



The suit room ‘KURA01’ (maximum capacity of 6 people) having 3 continuous living rooms and ‘KURA02’
renovated the rice stowage warehouse which is privately apart from others,
total 7 rooms of impressive space with ‘Hatchet’-style beam.
Facing to the beautiful scenery and leave yourself in a feeling of blending with nature.


The refined and modern space with leaving the elegance of wooden elementary school building.
Admiring the cherry blossoms of the garden from all the 6 rooms in spring,
the pink world creates an extraordinary bathing moments and truly relaxing time.


All 6 rooms are furnished with furniture created by Tendo and crafts by artists related to Yamagata.
The high ceiling openness and the white wall creating soothing atmosphere,
Japanese space and harmonized furniture add colors to the refined space.

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