This room with peacefulness and warmth that makes use of the structure of timber-made warehouse is a maisonette type room with a bedroom on the 2nd floor.
Looking at the private garden where seasonal flowers are blooming from the living room on the 1st floor where plenty of sunshine pours, the five senses that have roughed by daily bustle are sharpened and the mind becomes mellow.
In addition, soaking yourself in the newly-borned hot-spring water filled with the rock bath of Zao stone.
Sound of swaying tree and grass, voice of birds, scent of season carried by wind…
Everything you feel in this room leads to an encounter with unknown emotions.


View from the room
Courtyard view
Room size
Maximum occupancy
3 guests (Extra bed for 3rd guest)
Open-air bath
Fresh hot-spring with Zao Stone bath tub
Furniture and furnishings
Hokkaido Natural wood cherry flooring in living room and tatami mat for bedroom.
Solid Japanese cypress timber (natural wood)working desk Built-in shower/Bidet functioned toilet. Basin washstand, open-air bath tub and shower.
‘Paper knife sofa’ by Kai Kristiansen (Miyazaki Chair Factory)
‘Paper knife table’ by Kai Kristiansen (Miyazaki Chair Factory)
Working desk
Solid Japanese cypress timber
‘Ottimo Arm chair’ by Kazuteru Murasawa (Miyazaki Chair Factory)
‘ORI stool’ by Makoto Koizumi ( Miyazaki Chair Factory)
Two Semi-double bed (Sealy, 120cm w, 47inch w) Takinami original feather duvet and pillow, polyester pillow *Folding mattress for extra bed
Other furnishings
Mini-refrigerator (Complimentary Beer and mineral water), Electric water boiler, tea service, towel warmer, hair drier, TV, safe-deposit box, flashlight, alarm clock, iPad


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