‘YAMAGATA THE TAKINAMI’ ‘s name came with the wish of
‘wanting to be a showroom for Yamagata by Yamagata’s
people and be a multiple brand store.’

Serving Head chef ‘s self-picked mountain vegetables and
locally farmed organic grown vegetables
as the dish only could be tasted here.

Delivering directly to the room as ‘freshly-born 100% hot-spring’
without adding any water to the effective,
ample volume supplied hot-spring given by rich land of Akayu.

Also, with hoping of ‘Flying to the world with our mates from Yamagata’,
as the inn created by people of Yamagata,
wishing to be the place to convey the attraction of Okitama.

We, of course, counting ‘Okitama-like’ in our space and service.

A space that you could feel the charm of Yamagata
fully and the time to enrich your days is here with us.

We hope to enjoy your stay with us.



There are three types of rooms, ‘KURA’,
which utilizes the storehouse where the history of Okitama has lived,
‘SAKURA’, which overlooks a lush garden and beautifully blooming sakura, and ‘YAMAGATA’,
which coveys the scent of Yamagata’s rich culture.

An open-air bath are situated in all the 19 rooms filled with brightness,
and you could spend a moment with ‘beauty of hot-spring’ to
forget your daily bustle and become ‘innocent’.

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The food served at Dining ‘1/365’ is
‘A plate that is reliable to the taste of the ingredients with
reviving the optimized season and scent.’
Bring out the individuality of the food without being eccentric in a plate.
The organically grown traditional vegetables and glazed rice grown
in the land of Okitama,
and the fine sake and wines giving colors to the dishes,
you surely feel the happiness of
having a rich food culture and tastefulness of savor.



It’s a fresh source of 100% natural hot spring water that is
filled in a bath tub using Zao stone and Japanese cypress.
The hot-spring water, delivered directly to
all the 19 rooms without any addition of water,
will keep you warm and moist and wrap your body softly.
A moment to feel the hot-spring water with the scent of
sulfur and hot-spring incrustations drifting while looking at Japanese garden.
It tells us about the feeling of being in Seventh heaven and
luxurious time of being in hot water.

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The lounge where profound Japanese architecture and
Scandinavian furniture harmonize is the face of Takinami.
It projects various expressions, as a stage of
Yamagata Hanagasa Ondo, and as a self-indulgent bar at night.

A space that feels the warmth of trees.
Step further and you would continue to the
leisurely-relaxing public bath and dining ‘1/365’
where you could enjoy the savor of Yamagata.



Upon reservation

‘YAMAGATA THE TAKINAMI’ is a non-smoking premise,
including the terrace of the guest room.

We regret that our premise does not equip the
elevators or slopes for wheelchairs.

About dining

Dinner and breakfast would be served on the 1st floor at ‘Dining 1/365’
and there is no in-room dining service available.
We hope you enjoy your dining experience unique to the open kitchen counter seating.

Staying with children

Approximately takes about 2 hours for dinner service to finish.
We kindly ask guests with children to preserves peaceful and
warm ambiance for everybody’s enjoyment.

Due to the structure of wooden building,
vibrations and sounds may be heard easily
to other rooms in case of running or speaking loud.
Your kind assistance to keep your stay in serene in the room or in the premise.

At the public space such as lounge or public bath,
proper action and appropriate volume of voice is strongly requested in order
to keep the place for relaxation and refreshment.

For reservation

We also take your reservations by phone.
(0238-43-6111 from inside Japan,+81-238-43-6111 from outside Japan)

– Best-rate guarantee –

We guarantee the best deal booking from this site.

* For guest who made reservation from our website,
you will be entitled to receive a ‘5000yen discount voucher’ that could be used for your next stay with us.

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Located about 5 minutes by taxi from Akayu Station, also offering two round trip transfers per day. Akayu is accessible from Tokyo Station by Yamagata Shinkansen in 2 hours 30 minutes, the way to Takinami is actually surprisingly next to you. We hope to see you here where the good old Japan is filled over while enjoying the scenery of the countryside that would plunge into your eyes as you approach to Akayu.






About the transportation

We provide free transportation from Takinami to Ayayu Station twice each at Check-in, Check-out time (reservation only)

Upon usage of our transportation after check-out, kindly settle your payment 10 min prior to the leaving time.

Before Checking-in 14:30 leaving Akayu Station After checking-out 09:50 leaving Takinami, 10:50 leaving Takinami Besides above timing, fixed price taxi is also available ( Yamabato Kanko Taxi only) for 870 yen (tax incl.) Akayu station to Takinami. Our front staff would arrange for you.