A majestic space left the robust ‘hatchet’ beam drawing a natural curve.
The large window at the front cut out the landscape of the garden as a frame and project it like a painting.
It is a gorgeous and vivid scene.
The emotional time looking at the beauty created by nature produces a savor and lingering memory on the journey.
In spring, the cherry blossoms of the garden are full of bloom, and it is a fantastical world wrapped in pale pink. It will surely be an experience that shakes heart.
Of course, also could admire the cherry blossoms flowering as it approaches you from the Japanese cypress bath filled with fresh hot-spring.


View from the room
Garden view
Room size
Maximum occupancy
3 guests (extra bed for 3rd guest)
Open-air bath
Fresh hot-spring with Japanese cypress bath tub
Furniture and furnishings
Tatami mat for bedroom. Solid Japanese cypress timber (natural wood)working desk Built-in electric bidet function toilet. Basin washstand, open-air bath tub and shower.
‘Paper knife sofa’ by Kai Kristiansen (Miyazaki Chair Factory)
‘Oak Living Table’ (Greeniche)
Working desk
Solid Japanese cypress timber
Original Ash wood stool
Two Semi-double bed (Sealy, 120cm w, 47inch w) Takinami original feather duvet and pillow, polyester pillow *Folding mattress for extra bed
Other furnishings
Mini-refrigerator (Complimentary Beer and mineral water), Electric water boiler, tea service, towel warmer, hair drier, TV, safe-deposit box, flashlight, alarm clock, iPad


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