Ryukyu tatami mats creating a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful white walls.
A ceiling reviving the beam showing the remaining of a wooden elementary school, a large window with a view of greenery of the garden and the crystal blue sky….
Spaciousness and healthiness. Such words suit in this room.
When the ‘freshly-born 100% hot-spring water’ is poured into a cypress bath which gives classy aroma and the body is wrapped by that rich hot-spring, the bliss of unwinding the body and mind would be known.
And at the season of cherry blossoms. Taking bath while watching the pink-brightening scenery would be a moment remaining in heart


View from the room
Garden view
Room size
Maximum occupancy
3 guests (extra bed for 3rd guest)
Open-air bath
Fresh hot-spring with Japanese cypress bath tub
Furniture and furnishings
Tatami mat bedroom.
Natural solid Miyagi Cedar wood timber working desk.
Built-in electric bidet function toilet, basin washstand, open-air bath and shower.
Down feather cushion sofa
‘Nest table’ by Kai Kristiansen
Working desk
Solid Cedar wood timber
Original Ash Wood stool
Two Semi-double bed (Sealy, 120cm w, 47inch w) Takinami original feather duvet and pillow, polyester pillow *Folding mattress for extra bed
Other furnishings
Mini-refrigerator (Complimentary Beer and mineral water), Electric water boiler, tea service, towel warmer, hair drier, TV, safe-deposit box, flashlight, alarm clock, iPad mini


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