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Although only meeting for the first time, overwhelming serenity and nature seems to whisper the rich history of it’s past

For over four hundred years, these great Cedar doors have long served a landmark welcoming the people of Takinami

Ahead, waits an unforgettable story just waiting to be told

This building embodies the actual architecture of the Uesugi clan from over three hundred fifty years ago

If you happen to arrive here after a long journey, it would be best to enter barefoot

The history-saturated into these very floor boards under your feet will undoubtably take you back to a simple time

Each of the nineteen rooms have their own unique character and story to tell

There are many varieties of the traditional Japanese hot springs to be enjoyed

Each hot spring is directly supplied from natural spring waters

Unadulterated, pure spring water is a fundamental quality hat we hold dear to our hearts

This spring water is so clean that you can simply take a sip to instantly warm the soul

The establishment’s deep characteristics and the purity of the white walls harmonize with the fine architectural furniture from around the world to bring you peace of mind

All of this culminates in that moment when you lose yourself in that very environment

The local mountains carry cooling air into Takinami that breathes life into the four seasons like night and day

These distinct changes enrich the soils that produce the locally grown vegetables and livestock

Never settling with a premeditated menu

Only the best hand picked ingredients harvested that day are used to create an forgettable, once in a lifetime, experience

This high-class experience leaves visitors taken a back by all of their five senses

The highest quality, only the best ingredients, no bounds

Despite the many distractions of our busy lives, your stay at Takinami will surely remind you of the serenity and peace that was always around us

Yamagata, Nanyo
These are the qualities that have captured the heart of Japan

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